Christmas Traditions?

I LOVE Christmas. Not like “Oh it’s a nice time of year” kind of love. Like “Get me all the gaudiness and jingle bells and holiday sweaters” kind of love. It’s almost idolatry. I’m working on it.

But this year in an attempt to make things more simple with my family, I suggested we draw names between all the kids and spouses (there are 5 of us) instead of buying for everyone. I found this cool website: where you can enter names and stipulations and it creates “random” draws for you.

And now that my kids are getting old enough to start remembering holidays, I’m feeling the pressure to create great traditions in our family. I would love to have a few things that we did every year to remember what the holiday is really about (even though the reindeer are fun). Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions?

  1. Well, i know that you will come up with some super cool traditions that i will want to copy..but one of ours is the “NOEL Calendar”…you can get it at…i think you may have to call and order it…but it is a calendar for the month of december and you have figures you put up each day and read the christmas story…on christmas, jesus goes up and you celebrate! it is really fun…wesleygrant will be a better age this year, though last year he still got into it.

  2. Ashleigh – I’ve been researching traditions as well and wanted to share what I’ve been reading lately. It’s called, “Treasuring God in our Traditions” by Noel Piper, John’s wife.

    An excellent read discussing how traditions shape our lives and point to what – or Who – we treasure most. I would encourage you to check it out before the holidays arrive.

  3. Thanks for the website. I’ll use it one day, for sure.

    Also, I decided you can start playing christmas music 50 days before christmas. Which is now.

  4. So at my grandparents house they have this GREEN PICKLE christmas tree ornament. When the whole family is over, after we’ve all stuffed ourselves, all the “kids” have to leave the room and my grandmother hides the pickle in or around the Christmas tree somewhere. At that time we all get to rush back in and whoever finds the pickle gets $5. We’ve done this for about 10 years, there are 7 grandkids, and who’s the ONLY person to NEVER have won the $5? me, but I was unfairly robbed a couple of years, seriously, it’s ridiculous that people would cheat on Christmas. I’ll tell you details later- all I’ll say is jen is one of the cheaters! Not sure where the tradition comes from but it’s hilarious and fun

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