Baking, Day 18

Drumroll………….(and thanks to Maggie for actually caring!)

I baked a cake for a Betsy’s hubbie’s birthday. His fantasy football team’s name is “Man Hands” (from the Seinfeld episode where he breaks up with the girls who has “man hands”). They went to Clemson and are big fans – that’s the bottom border. And yes, that is hair on the knuckles. Yum-o.




Oh, and even though I decorated the cake this morning, I realize that it wasn’t “baking”. So – here’s the baked good of the day:


Don’t judge me. I’m still following the rules.


3 thoughts on “Baking, Day 18

  1. I already wrote this in an email! BUT you did an amazing job!!! I love all the details especially the hairy knuckles. 🙂 And the tiger paw border! SO cute… Brian said it was delicious too! THANKS so much Ash!!!

  2. Girl, you are pulling this thing off! I hate to say this is the first time I have looked at everything! You are amazing!
    Love you bunches!

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