White Privilege

Yesterday, I heard one of the greatest sermons in my little life. We are currently in a series for Black History month where our main teaching pastor, Bryan Loritts, is teaching on several figures in modern black culture (Oprah, OJ, and Obama).

But yesterday, Ben tackled the message about being white in America. It was incredible.

I know I emailed just about everyone I know about this message yesterday, but if you missed that email – check out his message at www.fellowshipradio.com.

You can also watch one of the clips he used here.  You have to get through about half of the clip to get to the part he used.  Basically, a young African American girl replicated a study from the 60’s where they took black baby dolls and white baby dolls and offered them to young black children to see which they prefered.  You must watch the results.

Let me know if you listen to the message – I would love to hear what everyone thinks.


One thought on “White Privilege

  1. I wasnt there, but after listening to it I basically posted the same blog. Wow, Ben really spoke to the heart of things that I have never been able to say. Loved it.

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