#16 Get Jac Potty Trained

Ha.  You thought I had done it?  No no no.

BUT – we are getting closer.  (this is the point in the post where you stop reading if you can’t handle bathroom talk)

Yesterday was the first day that pee pee on his underwear actually bothered him.  HOORAY!  He went on his own initiative 3 or 4 different times and when he accidentally missed the potty and got some on his clothes he flipped out.  And I was thrilled that he was disgusted.

It has been a LONG HAUL with Jac Carroll on the potty front.  I started this adventure LAST April.  Yes, almost a year.  When he has accidents or is in company of his peers who are all wearing underwear, I just ignore it and act like he’s through with it.  It’s my coping mechanism.  Don’t judge me.

Take for example my last growth group.  We are going around the room talking about our weeks and what we need prayer for.  I talk about the women’s retreat, uptownsweets, my getaway – and Jes piped up and said, “potty training?”  Right right.  I’m potty training.  Still.  “yes would you please pray I don’t get an ulcer or wring his neck?”  thanks.

Well that was just two days ago and I guess the prayers of righteous women are powerful and effective because so far we have had over 24 hours of dry pants.  Jesus is alive.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I would love any extra prayer time you may have to go towards my son’s b.m.’s.  Ha ha.  He is getting an A+ with the pee pee, but maybe like a D- on the poo poo front.

Slowly but surely.  He won’t be wearing pull ups in college, right E?


4 thoughts on “#16 Get Jac Potty Trained

  1. ash, you’re my inspiration to hold out a WHILE before i even make this a goal with jaden. thanks for saving me. way to go with jac! someday this will all be hilarious, right?

    praise the Lord for the understanding that pee is indeed gross.

    jaden’s still finding any unflushed toilet (how does he do that, it’s really NOT that common), dipping a washcloth in it, then sucking on it. nice.

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