Pantry Challenge, Days 2-4

I need to catch up on this whole deal.  Really, I’m a little embarrassed at how easy it’s been this week.  Here’s why…

Tuesday night:  John has class, so I never cook.  Dinner:  chips and salsa.

Wednesday night:  Sweet Beth brought dinner over for us since we’ve had a time of it with the Jac man’s rotavirus.  It was super yummy.  Oh, and Becky brought by some soul food for lunch for me.  Basically John and I had a feast that day.  (and whoever said emotional eating is a bad thing, never had a kid sick for 12 days straight.  it eased our troubles for sure.)

Thursday night:  I had stuff to make a homemade pizza.  Super easy.

And tonight John and I are sans kids for our anniversary “getaway”.  Thank you John and Lyn!!  The kids were super excited to go to Mary Caroline and Hudson’s house.  They will have a ball over there and John and I will go out for our 5 year!

Amber gave me a hard time this week since I am “allowing” myself chips and salsa and basically could eat that for every meal.  She’s right.  I need to really start digging into the pantry!  Next week we’ll be out of town for the majority of the week.  Hmmm…  Good thing these are all non-perishables I’m trying to get rid of.


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