Jac Smurf

So Jac hasn’t really been napping consistently lately. Which is fine with me as long as he stays quiet and rests for an hour or two. Well today he wasn’t all that quiet, but he wasn’t talking…I just kept hearing things moving around upstairs. I had to see what was happening.

When I opened the door, Jac had that whole, “oops I did it again” look on his face. And all of the random things around his room were piled up in his bed. Including – the trash can. The only thing that I put in the trash can today was a blue marker that had no cap. Yes, I’m a dummy.

Here is the first thing I saw:


Great.  He’s been coloring and it’s gotten all over his hands.

But then I pulled the sheets back and saw this:


Oh no.  This is more than an accident.  This was on purpose.

Dare I pull up the jeans to see just how far this has gone?


That’s when I lost it.  I went from frustrated that he wasn’t sleeping to covering my mouth from laughing too loud and waking up Charis and Lily (the baby I keep on Mondays).

I said, “Jac, you’ve turned yourself into a smurf!”

And dead serious, he said, “No mommy.  I’m turning myself into black spiderman.”

Amazing.  He did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.  I mean, check out that leg coverage!  Next time I won’t throw away open markers in the room where my kids are sleeping.  They just don’t have a handbook for this stuff.


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