Pantry Challenge Update

I’m behind.  We went out of town for my family reunion last week and I’ve lost track of this from last week.  I DO know that Jes brought me dinner one night (monday?) and then Tuesday night John was in class, so I didn’t cook.  Wednesday night we got into Hattiesburg around 7 and I had some of my mom’s leftovers from Crescent City (yum cajun food).  Thursday night my Uncle Bill and Aunt Glenda made us some amazing gumbo.  Friday night my mom bought us all dinner and Saturday night, on the drive back, I got a lil’ one from Wards.  (that had to happen…and my stomach was angry with me about that later.) 

So last night was our first night back home and back on the bandwagon.  I made some Mexican rice and just threw some chicken in it.  Then, my real dinner was coconut cake from Beth’s house.  AMAZING.  Hint:  breakfast also consisted of some “leftovers” from dinner.  (muffins and donuts are practically cake anyways) 

Hopefully this week, we’ll really start making some headway cleaning out our pantry and freezer.  I’ll keep you updated.  (i know you are just waiting by your computer for an update.)

OH! and props to Betsy (my neighbor)!  She is also doing the pantry challenge and is probably taking it more seriously than I am.  Betsy, comment here and let us know how it’s going! 


2 thoughts on “Pantry Challenge Update

  1. It’s often my job to make dinner when it’s beyond time to go grocery shopping, so I’ve honed my skills on “creative cooking”. If you ever get stuck for an idea, give me a shout with a list of “ingredients”, and I’ll see what I can come up with. I love challenges like this!

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