Oprah…not all that bad in my book

I know there has been a lot of videos and emails floating around lately about Oprah. And although I understand that in a lot of ways, she has gone pretty far into her new age spirituality – I just don’t think she’s all that bad.

Today was Earth Day, heck, this week is Earth WEEK on NBC. (Maybe that’s a new thing everywhere, I just noticed that NBC in particular is focusing on the Earth all week.) Oprah had a FANTASTIC show with Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Al Gore each discussing ways that we can all leave a less drastic footprint on our earth. Julia talked about composting and organic foods, Sandra talked about using biodegradable products in her new restaurant, Bess, and of course, Al Gore talked about ways we can reduce our effects on the climate.

This is not the only example of the ways that Oprah is using her platform for good…and dare I say, the furthering of the Kingdom. She opened a school for South African girls a couple of years ago, her angel network supports and builds new schools all over the world, she rebuilt homes (an entire neighborhood) for Katrina refugees…and all of these are only recent examples.

The point I’m trying to make is…it seems like our finger should not be so pointed at her false doctrine (and I do agree that it is FALSE), but more at those who claim RIGHT doctrine and have lives that would pale in comparison in their giving (money, time, etc.). THAT is the real tragedy. Not that Oprah is in touch with her spirit (wink), but that those of us who believe in a risen Christ prefer to sit on the sidelines and critique her game play.

I have no idea what Jesus thinks about what Oprah is saying or doing. But I DO know what He has called his followers to. A life that should look a lot like hers in a lot of ways. (Maybe minus the bling and the common law marriage…ha.)

All I’m trying to say is, let’s stop griping about the things she is saying and start DOING the things we say we have been entrusted to do. I pray that the church would rise to her challenge to BE the body and not just fund the body or talk about the body. I pray that the world we would know we are Christians by our LOVE and not our doctrine. And I pray that all of the time we spend discussing Oprah’s theology would be only a fraction of the time that we have spent walking the walk of selfless service. That’s all.


3 thoughts on “Oprah…not all that bad in my book

  1. praise the Lord for your thoughts ashleigh carroll. i couldn’t agree more with you. i’m SO glad there aren’t millions of people out there watching ME trying to decide if i’m a believer or not . . . then a few people sound the alarm suddenly to say that, “no, in fact, she is not! stay away!”

    amen sister.

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