kids art

Calling all moms/creative types:

I need some ideas on how to save my kids’ “art”work.  I think I’m going to frame a few pieces for their room, but wonder how you decide which ones to keep and which to chunk.  And what do you do with the ones you save?


4 thoughts on “kids art

  1. For what it is worth… I save the things that they do all on their own…and not even all of that but all the stuff that teachers basically do, I don’t save. You know my system with that big huge “kid portfolio.” I think it is like $15 or something and you can find them on line or sometimes at Davis Kidd. Great idea about framing some for their room, though!

  2. We’re so lucky to live in the age of the digital camera. I kept the really good, really cool pieces of kid art (preschool = tons of paper, mostly nothing special, coming into the house), but before I tossed anything (which I mostly did), I took a pic of the kid holding the artwork.

    Buy some cheap frames and rotate artwork. Keep the good ones in pizza boxes. I cleaned out the pizza boxes a couple of years ago and have kept almost nothing but a few really good samples of their work. For what it’s worth, my daughter was quite the prolific artist but my son wasn’t, so I didn’t have too much paper to deal with once she was in kindergarten.

  3. maybe once you go through those pizza boxes you could have them cut fun shapes out of some of their artwork/cut them into smaller pieces and make a collage or mosaic on a canvas or poster board. then if it’s still boring and they want to do more, they could paint on top. reduce. reuse. recycle. and memorialize their art. ha. we’re not there yet in the art department but soon i’m sure. 🙂

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