Last weekend

I need to catch up from last weekend before I put up pictures from this weekend!

August is about birthdays for the Carrolls.  John’s is on the 16th and Charis’s is on the 22nd.

I had some plans for just John and I on Friday night, but first we took a family trip to the Memphis zoo.

(Jac has the worst fake smile…but you get the idea.)

After the zoo, John went out with some friends to the movies while I got the kids out the door to spend the night with some good friends.  We had a super fun date night and got to sleep in that morning.

Then later Saturday, we had some friends over to celebrate John!

The cake on the left and our newest neighbors on the right.  John and Nathan lived next to each other in college!

Grant and Christy are some great friends of ours from Denton.  They just moved to Memphis with their two girls and we are all thrilled they are here!

Such a great picture of boys being boys.  They all were a different superhero.  Hilarious.


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