Inside Energy Spenders

The last few days the kids and I have been stuck in the house. (Snow, a mystery rash and John’s busy schedule are the main reasons for being homebound.)

After a few days of coloring, videos, play doh, and blocks – I realized we needed a few more activities that really got them MOVING.

So, here are my recommendations for Inside Energy Spenders:

*Dance Parties…turn the music up really loud…good music, too. Like Jackson 5, Abba and LeCrae.
*Timed ANYTHING…I let the kids run all the way up the stairs and back down again with me timing them. They love to see if they can beat their last time.
*Hide and Seek…always a hit
*Duck, Duck, Goose…see attached video
*Gymnastics…I announce them each and then tell them what they are going to do (“Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only Jac Carroll…performing a double front flip!”)

Any more ideas?

And here’s Jen and Jes helping with a rousing game of Duck, Duck, Goose…


4 thoughts on “Inside Energy Spenders

  1. That was a GREAT video. Here’s an idea: have soon to be two year olds Jaxon Trotter and Mary Blakely Heuer come over…they will wear you out!!!

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