Best 2 Days EVER

I just had the greatest two days of my life.  (I’m a little dramatic…but I guess that’s where Charis gets it from after all.)

It started on Thursday night celebrating my sweet friend Erin’s 30th Birthday!  It was a surprise party and I think she really was surprised.  What a great group of women and it was so great to hear how blessed everyone is to know sweet, compassionate, faithful, intelligent, loyal, friend Erin.

After the party Erin, Christy and I just had to go grab coffee to keep the conversation going.  It was so great to have some uninterrupted girl talk.  We are forever getting together with our kids, which is so fun, but not necessarily the best environment to have deep, life conversations.

I dropped Erin off and headed to the little cabin where John and I take turns having silent retreats.  I got there kind of late, settled in and went straight to bed.  The next morning I built a fire, made some coffee and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon reading, praying, journaling and thinking…heaven.  It was SO refreshing and a much needed respite with the Lord.

Around 4, I headed home to get ready for John and I’s anniversary celebration night!  He took the kids to a dear friend of ours from church’s house to spend the night and came back to pick me up.  He first took me to see the hotel room that he had for us…a suite at the Marriott downtown!  So fun – he had diet cokes and chips and salsa and chocolate all ready there.  What a stud.

We left to go eat dinner and ended up taking a carriage ride to Blue Fin for sushi.  YUM.  After we left the restaurant we just started walking around downtown.  We got right in front of the Orpheum and John pulled out tickets to see “Legally Blonde”!!!  It was AMAZING.  So fun.  The music was great, the actors were incredible, the dancing was so fun…it was a blast.

And then we got to sleep in, order breakfast and take our time coming home!  It was SUCH a great mini vacation and I feel so refreshed and loved!  Thank you John – these have been the best 6 years of my life.  (And I’m not being dramatic.)


6 thoughts on “Best 2 Days EVER

  1. We saw you as you were leaving St. Columba. Our small group had a retreat there this weekend and you were on your phone heading out as we were turning in. We had a wonderful time and it was very refreshing for our group.

  2. SO FUN! Thank you for everything on my bday night…I am so thankful and encouraged! And, I am so glad that you had an awesome next day, too! SOunds amazing!

  3. Hold the phone. You have a cabin you share. P-LEASE email me the details of this and how we should get one in the future.

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