Bieber Fever

Yes, my kids adore Justin Bieber.  I actually don’t mind it – at least it’s not KidzBop or Elmo singing Old MacDonald.  Cannot. Handle. Children’s. Music.  So, let’s just say we don’t DISCOURAGE Justin’s music at our house.  We’ve been known to have a dance party or two to “Baby”:

But this little sketch on Ellen had me laughing til I cried.  Classic.


3 thoughts on “Bieber Fever

  1. Seriously. Next time you are down here we will get the kids together and they can have a Bieber-fest. Shelby is always asking for “the baby song”. I even find myself referencing it throughout the day. For example (keep in mind this is a conversation I am having with myself, inside my head), “I need some caffeine. I’ll have a coke…..don’t need no Starbuuucks”!

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