Heidi Baker

For those of you who may not have heard of this phenomenal woman, let me tell you a little about one my my heroes of the faith, Heidi Baker.

Heidi and Rolland Baker have PhD’s and have chosen to live amongst the poorest of the poor in Mozambique, Africa.  Heidi has taken in literally hundreds if not thousands of orphans who call her Mama.  Read their full story here.

Here’s a clip of Heidi talking about believing God for these children:

I first heard about Heidi Baker from a friend of mine who went and spent some time with her.  She would send back stories of the blind seeing and the deaf hearing. Then, another friend of mine told me about “The Finger of God”, which is a pretty fascinating documentary about some of the modern miracles that God is performing around the world.  I own a copy if anyone wants to borrow it.  It will challenge you to say the least.  To make you even more curious, let’s just say that there is a very detailed account of just ONE of the people that they have seen raised from the dead.

But my very favorite part of the entire film is something that Heidi Baker tells a fellow believer about what’s most important.  I’ve included a clip of the flim – just prior to this they were asking the woman if she needed prayer for anything.  She told them her asthma, but that she only believed in Muhammed.  The man that Heidi was working with kept pushing her to believe in Jesus alone and Heidi tried to stop him telling the woman, “it’s ok, we just want to pray for you.”  This is the conversation that they had after leaving that woman….

Now THAT sounds like Jesus to me.  She’s the real deal.  In a generation of people who think that the sinner’s prayer is the ultimate goal – how refreshing to see a woman who thinks that love is the goal in and of itself – not as a means to convert someone.

I haven’t read her latest book, but it’s at the top of my list when life settles down a little.

Compelled by Love:  How to change the world through the simple power of love in action

Don’t you just LOVE the subtitle?  Can’t wait to dig in and learn more from this woman who seems to be the epitome of Proverbs 31…especially verses 20 and 25...”She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy…She is clothed with strength and dignity ; she can laugh at the days to come.”


6 thoughts on “Heidi Baker

  1. Oh my gosh Ashley—–that was crazy!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing—so beautiful and like you said, so Christ-full 🙂 what an encouragement…


  2. Just added movies to my netflix cue! Can’t wait. Today I watch, Lord save us from your followers – SO GOOD! Have you seen it? Baker book might be next on my order list… after 1,000,000 adoption books I just ordered :). Love you friend! Thanks for blogging (even with four kids)… love your mind!!!

    1. YES! Save us From Your Followers had a similar feel to it as did The Finger of God. Which adoption books you have on the docket? Are they on your goodreads?

  3. you’ve inspired me to pick it up again, i bought it on kindle a while ago…and now i’m off to watch finger of God again 🙂 thanks for this post friend!! love you! may we become true “laid down lovers” to quote HB.

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