Back to school, back to school

So over the past year or so I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a “real job”.  ha.

I’ve done several side jobs over the 6 years that I’ve been home with kids – Uptown Sweets, planning retreats and events for Fellowship, curriculum for Sky Ranch, and part time work with DownLine last year.  All of these things were great and have helped me learn more about myself – that in general, I function better in every area of my life (wife, mom, friend, etc.) when I’ve got something outside of laundry, dishes and diapers to take up brain space.  If I have two or three things to do I might get around to them eventually, but if I have ten or eleven things to do I’ll kill em all before the kids get out of school for the day.  And I’ll be happier to see them when I do pick them up!

As I’ve played through all of the different types of work that I could do I’ve realized a few things.  I don’t want a 8-5 job that keeps me from picking up my kids or missing dinner/homework time with them.  It works for a lot of moms, but if I have a choice I’d rather be available in the afternoons and weekends.  I also don’t want a job that I do from home.  A huge part of the reason that I even want to work is to be around other adults and to have somewhat of a life away from the house.  There are several options for part time/flex work that would have me in front of my computer at home by myself.  Not ideal.

About a month ago I started thinking through nursing.  In college, I would have never chosen to get a degree in nursing, but what do you know in college anyways?!  But as I processed it more and more, it just makes sense.  I can work just a couple shifts a week, or more if I choose to.  It definitely gets me around other people and will challenge me.  AND –  I get to go back to school.  For anyone that knows me, you know this is a thrilling proposition for me.  I LOVE school and have found a program at the University of Memphis for people that already have bachelor’s degrees.

It’s an accelerated 16 month program that starts this fall.  I have 4 prerequisites that I need to take before then.  I’ll take 2 this spring and 2 in the summer.  I start on Thursday in Anatomy and Physiology I at Southwest Community College.  Really excited – already picked out school supplies.  😉

Estimated graduation date will be December of 2012.  But I would like to be called “Nurse Ashleigh” from now on please.


7 thoughts on “Back to school, back to school

  1. Ashleigh- so weird that Drew and I have been talking about me doing the same thing! Not right now with a 4month old so much, but in a year or so…what was your undergrad degree? I bet I would have like 10 prereqs..I was a Spanish major.

  2. Ashleigh this is great news! I’d seen on FB that you were back in school but didn’t know why. You will make a great nurse!

    Also, new artist for you to check out: Audrey Assad. You’re welcome.

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