Tangled Party!

Charis turns 5 on Monday and to celebrate she asked for a Tangled party.

We had a few of her close girlfriends over this morning for all sorts of Tangled fun. To decorate I made a couple of pennant banners and used lanterns like the movie.  There is a template for the pennants on this blog.


I also used yellow yarn to make Rapunzel’s hair – there’s a braid coming from the chandelier and lots of hair over the entryway into the dining room.

Her cake….Rapunzel’s tower.

Cute snack idea off of the same blog linked before…little boats with canoes (when they were watching the lanterns released).

We had Tangled coloring sheets out on the table for the first activity while they ate snacks…

Then, we did these super cute Pascal (the chameleon) party blowers.

I had some face paints and thought maybe Kate could paint the girls’ faces with the sun off of the pennant – I had NO idea she was a professional face painter.

Check out the bengal…

Then we had Charis open presents – she got some cute Tangled toys and then opened up a bike helmet.  We just told her that was to ride Abigail’s bike.  She’s too sweet to complain, but she wasn’t thrilled…


Then we had John knock on the hallway door – she went to open it and saw her new Barbie bike!

Thank you Gram!!!  She loves it – and so does Jones.  hahaha

Her party favor bags had these cute paints (Rapunzel paints in the movie since she’s home alone all day) that ALSO have a template off of the aforementioned blog.

Then, for our finale, instead of releasing lit lanterns (for some reason that just didn’t sound like a good idea) – we all said something we loved about Charis and released balloons.

It was such a fun party – she’s a sweet, sweet girl and I loved helping her have a special day!


4 thoughts on “Tangled Party!

  1. that’s amazing. I love that everyone said something they loved about Charis at the end. 🙂 Happy birthday to Charis!

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